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The tasting of the traditional kitchen is one of the more interesting experiences that the tourist can make in how much allows to understand the territory better that she is "exploring" and the people that live to you. In passed the activity more important than those who they lived in the countries along the lake was the peach and still today it is strongly the tradition of the lago fish: trouts, lavarelli, alborelle, agonic, Persian fish with which they are prepared risotti, pÔtÚ, fish in carpione and the famous ones missoltini. The necessity to use the products of the nature has handed on simple, but gustosi plates and nourishing which the flavored polenta with cheeses several and butter and the made bread cakes, eggs, latte and yields of season. The use of genuine products, the semplicitÓ of the plates legacies to the rural world, the predilezione for the saporiti tastes is remained characteristic of the traditional plates of the lariana kitchen. When you make visit to our zone you do not get lost therefore our traditional specialties!